af-utils / virtual

Bundle size impact

All packages were carefully optimized to be as small as possible. In order to provide exact numbers, each of them is shipped with bundlesize.index.js file. Contents of all those files are shown in this table in human-readable format.

@af-utils/styled718 B474 B309 B257 B
@af-utils/react-virtual-headless13.9 kB5.49 kB2.48 kB2.26 kB
@af-utils/react-virtual-list1.81 kB1.09 kB627 B538 B
@af-utils/react-table6.63 kB3.34 kB1.48 kB1.34 kB
@af-utils/react-mobx-table15.7 kB9.17 kB3.45 kB3.15 kB

Terser configuration

During bundle size measurement process.env.NODE_ENV was set to production to cut away some extra checks and verbose errors.

const TERSER_OPTS = {
    compress: {
        global_defs: {
            "process.env.NODE_ENV": "production"